July 30, 2009

Real and Formal, again

Randomly found this old NLR article from Ben Fine:

New Left Review I/109, May-June 1978

Ben Fine
"On the Origins of Capitalist Development Remarks"

Eventually he reaches a discussion of relative and absolute surplus-value in the history of capital and makes a claim that takes some fucking guts:
In short, whilst the production of relative surplus-value can develop as soon as capitalist relations are established, it can only fully flower aftereffective legislation to limit the length of the working day. In Britain, only by 1870, fully one hundred years after the industrial revolution associated with the textile industry, can it be argued that socially the real subsumption of capital to labour had been accomplished.
This is what I want to see more of. More guts to actually talk about history and Marxian theory together.

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Max said...

We should change the name of our reading group to "Fucking Guts".....

Curious what the response was to that claim - or if it came so far after the Brenner debates that no one wanted to rehash that kind of argument?

Hope you are enjoying California and/or New York or wherever the hell you are right now....

Fucking guts,