May 10, 2008


I am 4th year PhD Candidate in the NYU History Dept. focusing on modern Japanese history - with a particular interest in intellectual and social history of the interwar period. This reading group comes at a perfect time for me since, as many of us are doing in the 2008-09AY, I will be abroad for an indefinite amount of time and am eager to create some sort of engaged reading group (virtual or otherwise) to keep me from getting 'archive fever'.

While my past engagements with Capital have continually returned to the early chapters of Vol. I (commodity form/social praxis) - I would like to review the later volumes, in particular the question of reproduction (dept I and II) as well as the chapters on land, ground rent and where Marx develops his infamous 'trinity' (land-labor-capital) synthesis. Although I pitch myself as a student of 'intellectual/cultural history', I often feel drawn to the classics and current works of political economy (Hilferding, Schumpeter, Polanyi, World-Systems Theory, Regulation Theorists, Harvey, et al). But, in any event, I'm excited to read these volumes in collective approach.......look forward to future discussion......

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